Director Position Bio-EM Facility of ShanghaiTech University


The Bio-Εlectron Microscopy Facility of ShanghaiTech is equipped with two FEI Titan

Krios (300kV), one Talos Arctica (200kV) field emission transmission electron microscopes and two Talos L120C (120kV) electron microscopes, as well as affiliated sample preparation devices. In addition, the facility is equipped with a high-performance computer clusters system for data storage and structure analysis. At present, most of the equipment are in the commissioning stage are there are several positions open for applications. Talents with relevant backgrounds in physics, instrumentations, biology, computer science or mathematics are welcome to apply.




  1). Oversee the operation, user service and planning of the facility. Develop new bio-electron microscopic methods and technologies, carry out multi-level external academic collaborations and exchanges;

  2). Manage the operation and maintenance team to ensure the high performance and fair use of the facility, support users’ scientific research work.

  3). Guide the development, expansion and application of Bio-EM technology, lead the training of staff members and users, provide technical support for facility users.



  1). Doctorate degree in physics, material science or structural biology.

  2). Strong coordination and management capability, strong sense of dedication and responsibility.

  3). Full of teamwork spirit and service consciousness, able to work here for a long period of time.


Interested applicants should email their CV and statement of interest (with the subject header: Bio-Electron Microscopy Facility Director) to