Postdoc Position in multimodal MRI at Research Associate Prof. Garth Thompson’s research group, iHuman


Dr. Garth Thompson’s Lab at ShanghaiTech University is seeking a postdoctoral

researcher in multimodal MRI. Our research focuses on understanding how neuromodulation and brain metabolism impact the whole brain’s function. However to understand this, we must integrate studies both between animals and human subjects, and also between MRI and other modalities such as positron emission tomography (PET), multi-frequency electrophysiology, optical imaging, etc.

Successful candidates will develop novel experimental protocols and data analysis

techniques which can allow scientists to link molecular and cellular knowledge to measurements on a whole-brain level. In addition, working with collaborators at the iHuman Institute and local hospitals, we can guide drug and treatment development through a better understanding of disease mechanisms.

This position is open-ended based on the interests of qualified candidates. A high

degree of independence is expected and encouraged.

The systems we are currently using include the Bruker 9.4T MRI at the Shanghai

Institute of Neuroscience and the 11.7T MRI at Fudan Zhangjiang Campus in collaboration with local professors, and the 3T Siemens Biograph mMR PET/fMRI at Ruijin hospital in collaboration with a local doctor. By the end of 2019, one human MRI and one animal PET/MRI will be installed on the ShanghaiTech campus as well.



1). Design and conduct rodent MRI experiments including multi-modal (e.g. PET,

electrophysiology, two-photon, optical imaging, and histology) components.

2). Link rodent MRI results to human clinical MRI results. This will also include human

multimodal MRI (especially MRI+PET).

3). Data analysis on both self-collected and shared database data.

4). Present results in scientific papers and conferences.



1). PhD with graduate-level experience relevant to MRI

2). Publication record in peer-reviewed journals is required. Published work in preclinical MRI will be preferred. Candidates with strong evidence of collaboration across multiple fields will be preferred.

3). Successful candidates must be proficient in English communication, and are expected to author, co-author, review, and edit English-language research manuscripts.


Please send (1) Resume or Curriculum Vitae, (2) Three references, and (3) One-paragraph description of expected research to and copy