Faculty Positions in General Education Center (GEC), Shanghaitech University


The cultivation of undergraduate talents in Shanghaitech University emphasizes the integration of general education, professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education. During the four years of general education, it is expected to help students to learn how to be a person, how to do things, how to learn and how to share, help them to raise the scientific quality and humanistic quality and be competent for the global challenge. We hope to provide solid foundation for students' development, and to promote the realization of the training goal of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, which is necessary for national strategy.

The General Education Center is responsible for education and teaching work of ideological and political theories, humanities and social sciences, art and sports, scientific literacy and so on, and the development and implementation of the required courses and elective courses in relevant section. Now we invite applications for 3-5 Professors/Associate Professors/Assistant Professors, reporting to the director of the General Education Center.

Positions: Teachers for General Education (Philosophy of science and technology, World History or related courses)

(1)Specific Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the core course construction and teaching work, mainly the related course on scientific and technological civilization and world civilization. Undertake the teaching work. Design syllabus and develop new courses to ensure that all the courses have clear goals, evaluation criteria, and effect evaluation processes.
2. Undertake teaching and research work, grasp the development trend of general education, take charge of the construction of curriculum system, participate in curriculum construction and evaluation, and promote the communication on innovative teaching methods between teachers.
3. The construction of excellent courses, teaching materials and the reform of innovative teaching methods.
4. Cooperation and coordination with the teaching resources outside the school.
5. Participation in school construction and other social service work.

1. PhD degree from well-known universities.
2. Lecturer or above or equivalent positions from well-known universities, with considerable academic attainments and outstanding teaching achievements. Associate Professor or above is preferred. 
3. Recognize the idea of Shanghaitech. Be passionate about ideological and political education and general education. Have strong adaptability and can work under pressure.
4. Positions are open in the following areas:Philosophy of science and technology, History of science and technology, Foreign Philosophy, World History, etc.

III. Treatment
According to the relevant provisions of the Shanghaitech University and the specific circumstances of the applicants, competitive remuneration, allowances and benefits will be provided.
IV. Application Instructions:
1.Please send the application form and CV to: Please indicate name + Application For GEC.
2. The CV should include the learning experience, the main research work, the representative papers, and the interest of research.
3. It is recommended to provide three letters of recommendation or the way to contact with the referee.
4. The positions will be open until they are filled with appropriate candidates.
Note: No further notice if failed in primary election.