Senior Manager or Manager Position in Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning


Job Title: Senior Manager or Manager 
Number of Positions: 3 (full-time)
Organization: Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, ShanghaiTech University
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled
Compensation: Competitive salary and employee benefits
ShanghaiTech University, founded in September 2013, is a young resource-rich university with a modern residential campus in the heart of Shanghai Pudong’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. With an academic focus on STEAM research, ShanghaiTech is committed to carrying out China’s national development strategy and nurturing the next generation of innovative scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs.  With the backing and support of the Shanghai Municipal Government and China Academy of Science, ShanghaiTech’s five schools and three research institutes seek cutting-edge solutions to address the challenges that China and the world is facing in the fields of energy, material, environment, human health, and artificial intelligence. The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) in ShanghaiTech University was founded in January 2018. The mission of CITL is to promote the professional development of faculty through teaching training programs, assessment on teaching and learning, information technology and academic support. CITL is actively recruiting talents from around the world to join in ShanghaiTech University. 

Main Job Functions:
1.Focus in one of the following area (including but may not be limited to the below):
a)Teaching development and teaching pedagogy
Coordinate and arrange teaching orientation, training, workshops, seminars; establish sharing and collaborative platform across campus to enhance teaching and learning; be responsible for teaching-related project management. 
b)Teaching consultation and assessment
Provide 1-on-1 consultation service according to instructors’ need; conduct midterm student feedback (MSF) service to support teaching improvement and innovation; establish learning outcome-based assessment system to benchmark and evaluate overall educational quality. 
c)Instructional Technology and active learning development 
Provide support to instructors in instructional technology and online/hybrid courses; responsible for building up and maintaining CITL website, foster teaching resources and activities; promote active-learning teaching pedagogy, conduct research on student-centered learning and teaching. 
2.Collaborate within center or across different units to complete teaching and administrative related tasks; manage regular documentation including collection, analysis, summary to complete written or oral report for related activities. 
3.Other administrative duties assigned. 

Basic Requirement:
1.M.S. degree in education related or STEAM field
2.At least 1 year working experience in academic setting

Preferred Qualification:
1.Ph.D. degree in education or STEAM field. 
2.More than 2 years of teaching experience in STEAM subject. For senior manager position, minimum 3 years of teaching experience or equivalent academic working experience is required.
3.2 years or above team management experience.
4.Strong enthusiasm in improving higher education quality; familiar with either Chinese or U.S. higher education system, or both. 
5.Responsible, efficient, collaborative professional with excellent oral and written communication skills in both English and Chinese. 

Application Procedure:
Please follow instructions on to create account and submit application. Preferred application package includes resume, letter of interest, teaching statement, and 2 recommendation letters. For international applicants, please send application materials to