Research Assistant in the Macrophage Metabolism Laboratory of Dr. Tiffany Horng


Job Description:

The Macrophage Metabolism Laboratory of Dr. Tiffany Horng at the School of Life Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University is recruiting qualified applicants for the post of Research Technician. Dr. Horng’s research interest is in the burgeoning field of immunometabolism, and her particular focus is on elucidating the mechanisms by which cellular metabolism supports the biology of macrophages. Towards this end, the lab employs a combination of tissue culture models, molecular biology, metabolomics, genetics, biochemistry, and mouse models. For more information about the lab’s research, please see:。 For representative publications, please see: Covarrubias et al, eLIFE 2016 (PMID 26894960); Byles et al, Nature Communications 2013 (PMID 24280772), and Langston et al, Frontiers in Immunology 2017 (PMID 28197151).

Successful candidates will have some experience working in a biomedical research laboratory and will demonstrate advanced oral and written English skills as well as excellent organizational and time management skills. Successful candidates will be highly motivated individuals that work well independently and as part of a team.


There are two primary task of the Research Technician. The first is to provide technical support to lab members to ensure successful execution of experiments. After initial training by Dr. Horng, the Research Technician will independently execute and be responsible for a wide range of activities, including macrophage cell culture, various molecular biology techniques, western blotting, basic metabolic assays, and mouse husbandry. These activities will provide opportunities for co-authorship on any resulting scientific papers. Upon demonstration of good experimental and time management skills, the opportunity to acquire additional experimental expertise and lead an independent research project will be provided.

The second primary task is to take a key role in maintaining an organized and well-run lab thus enhancing overall lab productivity. Responsibilities include:

·         Organization and record-keeping of common stocks and reagents

·         Ordering lab consumables and equipment and monitoring laboratory expenses

·         Organization of lab space

·         Assisting Dr. Horng with University administrative work and teaching-related work

Dr. Horng supports the career development of the Research Technician and efforts to build career plans.

Required skills/qualifications:

1.       Native-level oral and written Chinese (Mandarin)

2.       Excellent communication skills in oral and written English

3.       Bachelor’s degree in biomedicine, cellular and molecular biology, or related subjects

4.       Highest levels of motivation

5.       Willingness to learn, and a collaborative and cooperative attitude

6.       Excellent interpersonal skills and teamwork skills

7.       Excellent organizational and time management skills

8.       Strong sense of responsibility

Preferred skills/qualifications:

1.       Experience in biomedical research, in particular mammalian cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, and mice handling.

2.       Master’s degree or PhD in biomedicine-related subjects

Application process:

Qualified applicants should provide the following items in English:

1.       Cover Letter describing suitability for the position in broad terms as well as professional goals

2.       Curriculum Vitae including academic background and work experience

3.       List of publications and up to 3 representative publications as PDFs, if applicable

4.       Contact details of two to three referees, one of which should include most recent supervisor/line manager. References will be requested after the initial selection.

Qualified applicants interested in this position should submit the above documents directly to Dr. Horng via email: Simultaneously, applicants should complete the online application form using the Shanghai University of Science and Technology Talent Recruitment System (htpp:// following the instructions. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and interviewed by Dr. Horng.

The selection process will continue until the position is filled.

Contact: Any informal enquires should be directed to Dr. Tiffany Horng via email: