Recruitment of EM Staff, School of Physical Science and Technology


The Centre for High-resolution Electron Microscopy (CћEM)is a newly established major research facility at the School of Physical Science and Technology (SPST), ShanghaiTech University, China.  Its mission is to promote the advancement of electron microscopy science and to support research activities in SPST.  The research focus of CћEM is toward soft and electron-beam sensitive materials, at the intersections of Materials, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.  The  Centre is dedicated to provide all users, including PhD students, opportunities to gain basic knowledge and practical skills in electron microscopy.


The CћEM is currently recruiting Electron Microscopy Staffs.  The responsibility of this position include, but not limited to:

1. Involved into the installation, daily maintenance and advanced operation of the Electron Microscopes.

2. Training of the potential EM users to guarantee they could operate the EMs in a proper way to meet their research requirement.

3. Involved into support of  scientific research for PIs in SPST.

4. Contributing for the development and further growth of the CћEM.


As our ideal candidate, you have expert knowledge in state of the art Electron Microscopes or a demonstrated scientific research experience related. Your other skills and qualifications include:

1. Experience of  independent operation on SEM, TEM or FIB. Capability of management of daily EM or FIB running. 2.

2. Background knowledge of inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, materials science and other related majors. Under 35 yrs old.

3. Master’s Degree or above. Doctor’s Degree or PhD candidate is a plus.

4. Good English skills.

5. Capability of working with groups as a good team worker. Passionate on work related to EMs.


The CћEM offers a creative, diverse and inclusive team environment. All qualified applicants will be given serious consideration and equal qualifications. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates. Your complete application package should be submitted through online application system (, or by email ( You application should include the following information:

1. CV including study experience, research experience, publications, awards, etc.

2. 2-3 reference letters or contact information of referees.