2020 Stage-1 Research Faculty, and Postdoctoral Positions for the High Energy Density Physics Laboratory at ShanghaiTech University


ShanghaiTech University is a research-oriented university jointly established by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It is surrounded by a rich research infrastructure including the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF), Shanghai Free Electron Laser, Chinese National Compound Library, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Fudan University, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Zhangjiang Science City and more than 300 established computer science, engineering, manufacturing, and other high-tech companies.

High energy density physics (HEDP) is an important subfield of contemporary physics. Magneto-inertial fusion (MIF), a hybridization of magnetic and inertial fusion, is a major application of magnetized high energy density physics (MHEDP), and a representative modern innovative fusion pathway. In view of the significant progress made in magneto-inertial fusion in recent years, ShanghaiTech University is establishing a new High Energy Density Physics Laboratory. The Laboratory plans to pursue the exciting and challenging research opportunities in magneto-inertial fusion as a pathway towards compact, commercializable fusion power, with Professor Y. C. Francis Thio as its Chief Scientist. The Laboratory is currently recruiting outstanding talents beginning with a total of seven Research Faculty positions and a number of postdoctoral fellowships. We warmly welcome applications from leading scientists, engineers, and graduating doctoral students with outstanding track records to join our team at the Center.

Ranks and titlesResearch Associate Professor, Research Assistant Professor, Postdoctoral Fellow

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Position Descriptions and Responsibilities

Stage 1 Recruitment Plan for Research Positions includes a total of seven or more research professors and equivalent number of postdoctoral fellows.

Recruitment is focused on scientists and engineers interested in working together as a team towards the very ambitious scientific goal of the Laboratory while also promoting their scientific and engineering careers. Accomplishing the research objective of the Laboratory requires the development of advanced theoretical models, computer codes, advanced plasma guns, a variety of plasma diagnostics to measure plasma temperatures, densities and pressures, high-speed imaging of plasmas, high-speed multi-channel data acquisition systems, computer-based programmable control systems, the application of high-current, pulsed power and high-speed switching technologies, vacuum techniques and systems, merging of hypersonic plasma jets, laser and particle beam interactions with plasma, liner implosions, generation of compact toroids (spheromaks, field reversed configurations) by theta-pinch and/or Rotating Magnetic Field (RMF), etc.




Basic requirements:

1.   A Ph.D. or its equivalent gained from actual working experience in a relevant field with a track record of accomplishments evidenced by publications in peer-review journals and/or documentable and verifiable accomplishments.

2.   For Research Associate Professorship, at least 5 years as an Assistant Professor.

3.   For Research Assistant Professorship, at least 2 years as a postdoctoral fellow.


Desirable qualities:

1.  1.Highly self-motivated, diligent and conscientious, deeply dedicated to scientific research, with a cooperative team spirit.

2.  2.Possess excellent communication skills.

     3.Knowledge, expertise and actual working experience in any scientific and engineering areas listed in the section (Positions Descriptions) above.


Reference Materials

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[4] Xianjun Yang and Y. C. Francis Thio, 磁惯性约束聚变实现点火, report presented to ShanghaiTech University, September 18, 2019.